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Masquerades, Music Lessons and Monkeys
The World of 18th Century Porcelain Figures
Jane Gardiner MA Wednesday 24 January 2018

This lecture explores the fashion for porcelain figure sculpture in the eighteenth century, beginning as a form of table decoration and subsequently moving to the mantelshelf and china cabinet; and how these figures reflect eighteenth century society in miniature.    During the lecture you will meet characters from the Commedia del'Arte and the English stage, beggars and pedlars, exotic figures from distant lands, lovers and musicians, shepherds and shepherdesses, the gods of Olympus - even the odd monkey!

Jane Gardiner trained at the V&A and went on to become a Research Assistant and Lecturer in the V&A Education Department, specialising in early European ceramics and glass and 17th and 18th century design.   Later she was invited to join Sotheby's Institute of Art and became a Deputy Director of Sotheby's UK.    She has lectured for London University, the National Trust, the Art Fund, L'Institute d'Etudes Superieures des Arts, Paris, on board cruise ships and at antique fairs and interior design shows in America.